Tuesday, January 29, 2013, Sherwood Auditorium, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego


Field Trip to Sherwood Auditorium, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

4:30PM OR 7:30PM (You Pick!)

In Association with the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego




Film Lineup Selected from the Following (in alphabetical order):

Abiogenesis (New Zealand, 4 min)

A strange mechanical device lands on a bleak and desolate world and enacts a startling transformation.

Asad (South Africa, 16 min)

A young Somali boy clings to his dream of one day becoming a fisherman.

The Basketball Game (Canada, 5 min)

An autobiographical animated tale exploring how mindless prejudices a child confronts can be overcome through the act of confronting one's fears.

Mr. Christmas (USA, 15 min)

Bruce Mertz literally lights up the lives of those around him when every holiday season he transforms his house into a beacon with 50,000 colorful lights - and himself into Mr. Christmas.

Saturday Girls (France, 15 min)

Eva wakes up alone after a great night with a great new guy and finds his little brother, who explains she's expected to be his baby-sitter for the day.

Shanghai Love Market (China, 9 min)

The parents of a happy but single young man still living at home decide it's time for him to marry - so they make their way to Shanghai's Love Market with all the marketing and promotional tools they can muster.

The Station Master (United Kingdom, 21 min)

A lonely station master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station.

Talking Dog For Sale, 10 Euros (France, 8 min)

When a man sees a curious advertisement for a talking dog for sale cheap, he pursues the offer with natural skepticism.

What You Looking At?! (United Kingdom, 9 min)

When the power goes out, a young Muslim woman in a Burkha finds herself trapped in an elevator with a flamboyant drag queen.

PLEASE NOTE: You may choose either the 4:30pm start time OR the 7:30pm start time (no need to inform the Cinema Society office of your selection)

Sherwood Auditorium, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

700 Prospect Street, La Jolla


Film Titles and Order Subject to Change

Special Thanks to Cinema Society members Mark & Claudia Title, Beth Friedenberg and Elliott Estrine for their assistance with tonightís program.

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8-Feb-13: Jim - Rating: 5

This year was among the best short film programs I can remember. I can hardly wait for the full feature Saturday Girls. I hope they can pull it off. Station Master was thought provoking and if that was the worst of the lot, we were just very lucky to have such a strong program.

4-Feb-13: Mary S - Rating: 5

You outdid yourself again with this year's short program. Many thanks to you and all those who assisted you in creating another memorable evening of shorts and wonderful speakers.

30-Jan-13: RichG - Rating: 5

It was clear by the diversity of the Shorts just how much work and effort were put into this year's presentation. The quality of the films were superior to several feature length movies we have shared this year. The emotional range was from laughter (Talking Dog) to tears (Mr. Christmas). Each had something special to take away from the museum. Year after year this very special evening is the high point of the Cinema Society season.

30-Jan-13: pb - Rating: 5

Thank you Andy (and Mark). What a terrific collection of short films. Every one was top notch.

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