Tuesday, November 06, 2007, AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres

Invited Guest: Steven Scaffidi, Director; Rockey Vaccarella, Subject of the Film


5:00PM or 7:30pm (You Choose!)

FORGOTTEN ON THE BAYOU, Auditoriums 4 Only!

Discussion will follow screenings in Auditorium 4

AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres

Election Night Special!

Winner, Humanitarian Vision Award, 2007 Newport Beach Film Festival

and Best Documentary, Moondance International Film Festival in Hollywood


This film is unlike any documentary you’ve seen on Hurricane Katrina. On August 29, 2005, Rockey Vaccarella rode out the storm on his roof in his hometown of Mereaux, Louisiana, a small community just outside of New Orleans, by holding on to a rope for 4 hours. Rockey and his family lost everything except for the clothes on their backs, but he refused to give up.

Nearly one year after surviving the worst natural disaster in the history of America, Rockey set out on a mission to get the word out on the realities of the disaster, and to spread the message that this cannot be forgotten, because the job is not done. In the process, he proved that nothing is impossible if you refuse to give up.

A Ghost Rider Pictures Release, FORGOTTEN ON THE BAYOU is directed by Steven Scaffidi.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is offered twice--at 5:00pm and again at 7:30pm, in Auditorium 4 only. You pick the time; no need to let the Cinema Society office know of your choice.

Running Time: 84 Minutes

Rated: G

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24-Nov-10: Linda - Rating: 5

I recently saw the film on the Weather Channel in prime time. It was great to see Rockey again and what a wonderful film Forgotten on the Bayou is. Please bring it back to the theater so we can experience this great story one more time.



24-Feb-10: DVD - Rating: 5

To order the DVD of this film, go to:

23-Feb-10: Sydney L. - Rating: 5

Will you ever bring this gem back? One of the best films I've seen in some time. It's been a while and I wonder where I can buy this great story but I would love to see the Society bring it back. I happened to run across the website on the internet and thought I would drop a note to see if we can bring it back. I hope to get a comment back on this.



11-Jan-10: Jack - Rating: 5

I completely agree with you Sally!

30-Dec-09: Sally J. - Rating: 5

For some reason I was thinking about this unforgettable film that I saw at one of the Society screenings. Maybe it's the New Year, or maybe it's because the economy and the country is in a funk. I will never forget the "never say die" attitude of Rockey. What a remarkable film and event that night in San Diego. We need more people like Rockey and more films like "Forgotten on the Bayou". Thank you so much Andy for bringing this film in. It was truly the best I've seen at any of your events. I wish we could bring this film back for another special screening. By the way do you have any idea if this film has been released in theaters, TV or DVD. I'd love to see it again and so would a lot of others. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

4-May-09: AF - Rating: 5

ML: Please call Andy Friedenberg at the Cinema Society office at 619-280-1600 ext. 6.

4-May-09: M.J. - Rating: 5


Do you know what happend to this film? I have not seen it on the DVD market. What a great story and a wonderful documentary! Rockey is a true American hero that we need more of in this world today. I do wish you could bring it back for another showing.


16-Apr-09: Lil - Rating: 5


Please bring this wonderful film back. I can't see to find it and would love to see it again.


13-Apr-09: Jack - Rating: 5

Please tell me how to get this film. I saw it at the San Diego screening and I would love to get a copy. This is a fantastic story of a man who will not take no for an answer.

12-Feb-09: Jackie - Rating: 5

I heard that the film's star is developing a reality show with a major Hollywood producer. If you need info about the film and television project contact Ghost Rider Pictures. There website is: I agree with everyone that this is a Great Film!!! Thank you Andy. PS: Can you bring the film back for an encore screening?

29-Dec-08: andy f - Rating: 5


To order a copy of FORGOTTEN ON THE BAYOU, please go to the following web site:

28-Dec-08: William R. - Rating: 5

I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful documentary at a special screening in San Diego and was wondering when it will be released to the public. If anyone has any info about this film please please please post in on this website. I attended the screening with a group of folks who never miss one of "Andy's Special Events". And all of us thought that this was the best film of the year. We hope that we will have the opportunity to see this film again and hopefully own a DVD of our own.

9-Dec-08: William Q. - Rating: 5

I loved this documentary. Can someone please tell me how I can buy it? Please bring the film back for an encore screening. Thank you Andy.

28-Nov-08: Jack P. - Rating: 5

I just happened to see that this remarkable film was listed on this website. I saw the film that wonderful night in San Diego and it was something I will never forget. We all stood up and cheered at the end of the film and it was great to see Rockey and the film's director Steve Scaffidi. This is one of the best docs I've seen in a long long time. Thank you Andy for bringing this film to in for all of us to see. I think there were over 600 that night and I sat in for both screenings.

28-Jan-08: Jerry Goldberg - Rating: 5

San Diego comments about this movie filmed the night of the screening (from Andy and the audience) are now posted on YouTube

27-Dec-07: AF - Rating: 5

Just had a chance to post a comment so here goes. GREAT GREAT GREAT FILM!!! This was the best film I've seen in a long long time. I was there when the packed theater stood up and cheered! BRAVO!!!

14-Nov-07: M.Roe - Rating: 4

I am not sure where all these people were last night to help rally against the nay-sayers (next door in the “no-discussion zone”?)...Well I enjoyed the film, at first I thought maybe we were going to need subtitles to understand Rockey and his cast of characters with that thick Italian-Cajun accent but there was no lack of understanding. I was rooting him along hoping he’d accomplish his goal and meet the President and much to my amazement he did!!! I didn’t think anything felt or seemed forced or “over produced”...and it was a real treat to have him attend the showing. I think the film is worth seeing.

13-Nov-07: D - Rating: 5

GREAT FILM!!! Best in a long time. Thanks Andy.

12-Nov-07: Daemon Kuemel - Rating: 4

If this film is therapeutic soul, is it possible to help our communities heart heal. Maybe this nation needs to revisit the spirit of being inspired.

12-Nov-07: Dan W. - Rating: 5

Excellent documentary! Kept my interest throughout the film. The way Rockey always takes the high road when faced with rejection or adversity is inspiring. This film deserves a national distribution deal.

12-Nov-07: RLB - Rating: 5

This is by far the best doc I've seen in years. Fast, funny and touching this is a story about what's possible if you never give up. I could go on and on about this movie but like others have pointed out - a five minute standing ovation speaks for itself. I give it FIVE STARS! Thanks Andy for bringing in such a great film.

11-Nov-07: AJ - Rating: 5

"Forgotten on the Bayou" is a GREAT film. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful and inspirational film to San Diego. My wife and I were on the edge of our seat the entire time as we laughed and cried while following this incredible story. Fantastic editing and camera work make this the best film we've had the pleasure of watching in many years. The standing ovation following the film was incredible. I've never seen that type of reaction in all the years I belonged to the Society. I hope to see this movie at the Academy Awards next year.

10-Nov-07: Josh - Rating: 5

What a great film. I guess a 5 minute standing ovation says it all. Bravo!!!

8-Nov-07: Mark - Rating: 3

Thanks for bringing that film in last night. I was impressed by the intention of the film maker and Rockey to get the story out. But a bigger one is the graft and curruption that has kept the billions of dollars in aid from helping recovery. I think they should have "followed the money" to see where it has all gone because it certainly hasn't made it to the people in the FEMA trailers. Or maybe it has and they have had one hell of a party. The government has found over a billion $$$ in fraud already from phoney claims and people who weren't there. As a tax payer I find Rockey's story a sad commentary on this country. And the fact that the problem needed a little more investigative work to see why he and the rest of those displaced did not get more assistance. His difficulty in contacting the mayor and the governor pointed to the levels of courruption and incompetence in Louisana. (which CNN in Europe likened to the level of curruption found in Nigeria) Unfortunately Rockey is subject to this because they elected mayor Nagin again.... I guess there is a learning gap in that city..duh.... Anyway it was a interesting film and Michael Moores could take a lesson on the topic

7-Nov-07: Jim Young - Rating: 4

Perfect example of a film that you're unsure of whether to laugh or to cry about, how about both. Very inspiring, and timely in terms of our recent experience with the wildfires. I'm sure that this film would really hit home and send a message of hope to those that have recently lost their homes here in SoCal.

Rockey is just the kind of guy that the President can relate to and just the kind of person that needs to tell him what real people are going through. Good job Steven Scaffidi, glad that a film like this can be made and get exposure.

Rockey, what does Louisiana pizza taste like?

5-Nov-07: Laurie Aiman - Rating: 5

I absolutely love this documentary. The powerful message that you can do anything with just a little determination and a whole-lotta of faith moved me in such a way that I feel empowered to take on any situation that needs attention and or support. I love how the movie takes you right into Rockey's life and doesn't sugarcoat anything but showing the truth to the viewer that Katrina is still an ongoing tragedy. The American people need to support one another through trying times and not forget the effect Katrina has had on the American people. Thank you for sharing this eye opening view.

4-Nov-07: A Rockey tale, where virtue overcomes adversity - Rating: 5

After viewing this emotional film, I believe the audience will respond to the human story. Considering the events in San Diego and the rest of Southern California, I hope the residents there can look toward ROCKEYS inspiration and determination not to give up HOPE!!

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